Wahid Shams-Kolahi

President, Chief Technology Officer R&D
PhD, Electrical Engineering

Wahid Shams-Kolahi invented the PRISED process to allow purification of materials in a manner that is greener, cheaper, and safer than existing technologies. He brings the state of the art R&D experience in the field of engineering-material Science and technology from Solar-Cells and Semiconductor Laboratory of Osaka University. While there, he led the "Bulk-Materials for Solar Cells" team and prior to that, he was involved with Chalcogenide Bulk-Semiconductors prepared in the microgravity of space shuttle.

Wahid Shams-Kolahi holds fundamental patent applications on \"Silicon Purification\" and has published papers in the field of "Novel Bulk Chalcogenide Semiconductors".

After undergraduate course of Electrical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart in Germany, he completed his M.S.E.E. and Ph.D. work at the Osaka University in Japan. He later joined the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry in Japan and also worked in Stuttgart and Osaka as a post doctorate fellow.

Dr. Shams-Kolahi worked as a visiting scientist and later as a research associate at the University of Toronto.